Revlon Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner 200ml

RRP: £14.00
(You save £6.35 )

Have fun in the sun without compromising on great looking hair

Spending time in the sun is good for the spirit as well as adding an essential boost of Vitamin D to the body which is vital for optimum health. But the sun is not as kind to the hair, drying it out with the result being hair that is visibly dull and in need of T.L.C.

The Revlon Equave Sun Protection Detangling Conditioner has been specially formulated to protect the hair from harm whilst at the same time repairing any damage by adding in essential lost moisture. The result is hair that looks revitalised as well as having in-built sun protection from the wide-protection UVA/UVB solar filters. Hair is soft, easy to manage and tangle free, meaning you are free to enjoy your time in the sun without the worry of compromising on great looking hair.


  • A simple spray leave-in formula
  • Protects the hair from damage from UVA/UVB rays
  • Adds moisture for soft, manageable styling
  • De-tangles for easy combing

How to Use

  • Spritz into damp hair and work through
  • Style as preferred
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