Revlon Professional Style Masters Brightastic 100ml

Brand: Revlon Professional

RRP: £13.00
(You save £5.35 )

Tame the frizz whilst adding enviable shine

Revlon Professional Style Masters Brightastic is an effective and proven formulation serum that improves hair condition and appearance easily and noticeably.

Use on damp hair as a pre-styler and conditioner, restoring order to even the most frizzy and untamed locks. Hair will comb through easier and for the hair professional, cutting becomes more manageable. Giving you back the control that you crave, you can have the style that you have always wanted as the serum puts the hair in the optimum condition to be creative without any compromise on its appearance.

As a serum, apply to wet hair to give hair up to 90% more shine as well as taming wild and unruly locks. The result is hair that exudes healthy gloss and makes styling far easier than you could ever have imagined.


  • A lightweight serum that visibly enhances shine
  • Use as a pre-styler on damp air to restore condition and make the hair more manageable to control
  • Use as a serum on wet hair to increase shine by up to 90%, for hair that is so glossy it is sure to get you noticed

Directions for Use

  • Dispense 1-2 pumps into the hand
  • Distribute through the hair either as a pre-styler or taming serum
  • Style as preferred
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