Revlon Professional Style Masters Curly Conditioner 250ml

Revlon Professional Style Masters Curly Conditioner 250ml

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An expert conditioner that ensures that your curls are kept at their most naturally beautiful

Curly hair can be prone to dryness, needing a superlative condition to keep it healthy and manageable.


  • Adds moisture without adding weight
  • Hair will be softer and more manageable
  • Shine and elasticity will be restored
  • Curls will be easier to style with increased flexibility

The Revlon Style Masters Curly Conditioner has been formulated to bring noticeable results, allowing to feel at your most beautiful best at any time of day or night. Hair will feel re-hydrated and have a softer texture with no coarseness, making it far easier to style and control. The hair’s natural elasticity is restored with a renewed look of health and shine that restores hair confidence.

The result is curly hair to be proud of, with an enviable look that will turn heads.

Directions for Use

  • Massage gently into wet hair
  • Leave on the hair for 3 minutes for best results
  • Rinse well and style as preferred
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