Revlon Professional Style Masters Pure Styler 3 Strong Hold 325ml

Brand: Revlon Professional

RRP: £12.30
(You save £4.65 )

Have hair style confidence for even the boldest of looks

Create the individual hair styles you crave, allowing you to express your unique personality knowing that your choice of hairspray won’t let you down.

Revlon Professional Style Masters Pure Styler Strong Hold is formulated to keep your hair just where you want it to be without any compromise on condition. With a weightless feel, you will be on top of your hair game all day and all night long, meaning you can let your inner confidence shine through.

And with no residue or gases that are harmful to the Ozone, you are playing your part in keeping the environment healthy too.


  • Creates long-lasting strong hold
  • Sprays on lightly to ensure a weightless feel
  • No residue
  • Friendly to the environment with no harmful Ozone gases
  • Brushes or washes out easily

Directions for Use

  • Hold at a distance of 25-30cm from the head
  • Press the pump and spray lightly
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