Revlon Professional Style Masters Reset Dry Shampoo 150ml

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Refresh the hair and extend your style’s good looks

Revlon Professional Style Masters Reset is a premium quality, salon formulation dry shampoo that refreshes, revives and revitalises in between washes. Helping to keep the hair in optimum natural condition by ensuring it isn’t stripped of natural oils through over washing, the dry shampoo has a fresh scent that is noticeable, meaning that others will be in awe of your hair’s obvious cleanliness.

Absorbing oil with ease, the style you worked so hard to obtain is maintained for longer and with minimal tell-tale powdery residue, nobody will ever guess your beauty secret. Style Masters Reset also boosts volume and re-texture rises, making styling the hair a breeze.


  • A salon formulation dry shampoo that refreshes your hair between washes
  • Has a pleasant scent that exudes cleanliness
  • Re-texturises and refreshes
  • Helps maintain the hair’s natural condition

How to Use

  • Spray into dry hair, working through to ensure no powdery residue
  • Style as preferred
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