Revlon Professional UniqONE Shampoo 300ml

RRP: £13.50
(You save £4.51 )

One shampoo, 10 benefits

Revlon Professional UniqONE Conditioning Shampoo washes and moisturises your hair and scalp to give you 10 real benefits leaving your hair soft, shiny and full of body.


  1. The light foaming formula gently cleanses hair and scalp
  2. Nourishes the scalp whilst protecting it
  3. Adds smoothness and silkiness to hair
  4. The formula means hair isn’t weighed down
  5. Adds shine to hair
  6. Helps to control frizz
  7. Makes hair easier to style
  8. Hair is strengthened
  9. Breakage is reduced
  10. Targets the prevention of split ends
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