Revlon Professional Style Masters Curly Shampoo 400ml

Revlon Professional Style Masters Curly Shampoo



Take control over your curly and frizzy hair and say goodbye to untamed locks

Curly and frizzy hair needs a product that brings results, with the Revlon Style Masters Curly Shampoo being formulated to bring back hair that you will fall back in love with.

Available in 400ml and 1 litre sizes.


  • Defines curls
  • Restores moisture levels without any extra weight
  • Less frizz and static electricity build up
  • Hair is softer and more manageable
  • Get the curls you always wanted

Adding moisture back in without any resultant weight means hair that is softer, more manageable and with restored elasticity. Curls are easy to control with a natural bounce and flexibility that will be the envy of friends.

Shiny and beautiful, it’s time fall back in love with having curly hair.

Directions for Use

  • Massage through wet hair
  • Rinse well, repeating if necessary
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