Rose & Co. No.84 Hand & Body Lotion 250ml


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A light yet luxurious lotion to nourish your skin

Gloriously rich and yet wonderfully light, this pleasing hand and body lotion gently nourishes whilst imparting a gorgeous signature aroma.


  • Nicely presented
  • Enriched with glycerine and she butter
  • Gently moisturises
  • Prevents chapped hands
  • Signature fragrance of rose, jasmine, amber and musk

The No. 84 collection from Rose & Co. features a fabulous fragrance which has been inspired by roses but which features a contemporary twist. You will love the wonderful fusion of rose, tea, violet, jasmine, iris, powdery cedar, amber and musk which smells oh so relaxing and inviting. The entire collection is a worthy investment and the Rose & Co. No.84 Hand & Body Lotion is certainly no exception. Offering a nourishing and moisturising treat for your entire body, this lotion is perfect for everyday use.

Enriched with glycerine and shea butter, No.84 Hand & Body Lotion addresses dry skin and prevents chapped hands in the winter months.

Directions for Use

  • Pump to dispense
  • Massage gently into your skin to nourish your hands and body
  • Enjoy the wonderful fragrance!
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