Rumble59 Schmiere for Girls 140ml

Brand: Rumble59 Schmiere


Styling pomade for girls with medium hold

A pomade for girls? Of course! If you thought that pomades were only for men, think again! Rumble59 Schmiere for Girls is rumoured to include a shot of the secret ingredient Sh-Boom to ensure that your style really rocks! This pomade fixes your look with medium hold and makes styling simple. The formula is easy to apply, never fully hardens and holds your locks in place all day. The hold is flexible for impressive movement and you have to love the gorgeous aroma of strawberry and vanilla ice cream! Designed for sophisticated ladies with a genuine sense of style, this fine pomade really impresses.


  • Medium, flexible hold
  • Easy to apply
  • Fixes your look all day
  • Strawberry and vanilla ice cream fragrance

Directions for Use

  • Scoop up a little pomade
  • Apply evenly throughout dry or slightly damp hair
  • Start with a little and apply more if required
  • Style as desired
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