Rumble59 Schmiere Pomade Rock-Hard 140ml

Brand: Rumble59 Schmiere


Maximum hold with movement for dark, thick hair

Ideal for shaping thick and unruly hair, Rumble59 Schmiere Pomade Rock-Hard creates the perfect pompadour. This impressive German-made pomade will hold your hair in place all day but without getting completely hard. So why “Rock-Hard” we hear you ask! Well, the rock-hard bit refers to the texture in the tin. You need to heat the pomade to making distribution easier because this is serious stuff! The fabulous results make it worth your while to perfect your technique!

When all’s said and done, you will love the flexibility of your hair! The funky tin draws the eye and it would be hard to beat the added shine because a shot of “meteor dust” delivers truly cosmic looks! This blue pomade is best suited to darker hair and features the aroma of aftershave for a masculine fragrance that turns heads.


  • Suitable thick hair
  • Ideal for darker hair
  • Firm hold with flexibility
  • Aftershave fragrance
  • Added shine

Directions for Use

  • Preheat using a hairdryer
  • Scoop up a little pomade
  • Start with small amounts and apply more if required
  • Apply evenly throughout your dry hair using your fingers
  • Style as desired
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