Rumble59 Schmiere Pomade Special Edition Zombie Strong 140ml

Brand: Rumble59 Schmiere


Styling pomade delivering strong hold and a fresh aroma

Creating the perfect rockabilly styles – even for the undead, Rumble59 Schmiere Pomade Special Edition Zombie Strong is serious stuff indeed!

Rumoured to be created by the sinister Prof.Dr. R. Aven in his private research facility, this impressively strong pomade delivers impressive results every time. Don’t be put off by the hellish green colour! It might look quite frightening but the pomade smells wonderfully fresh and uplifting! Ideal for shaping thick and unruly hair into an awesome pompadour, the formula will keep your preferred look locked in place all day and yet never gets completely hard. Thick in texture, it is best warmed with a hairdryer before application to make distribution and styling much easier.

Offering strong hold and limitless styling potential, the Special Edition Zombie Strong pomade is scarily good!


  • Suitable for thick and unruly hair
  • Ideal for darker hair
  • Firm hold with flexibility
  • Fresh aroma
  • Added shine

Directions for Use

  • Preheat using a hairdryer
  • Scoop up a little pomade
  • Start with small amounts and apply more if required
  • Apply evenly throughout your dry hair using your fingers
  • Style as desired
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