Rumble59 Schmiere Special Edition Barbershop Medium 140ml


Hair pomade with medium hold and the aroma of Play-Doh

Amazing 50s styles are easy to achieve with the fun and funky Rumble59 Schmiere Special Edition Barbershop Medium pomade! Rumour has it that the gangster raven Chester the Brain uses his barbershop to spy on his customers as he wields his cutting tools! We don’t know about that but we are sure that Chester enjoys working his magic with this fine pomade.

Offering medium hold, added shine and a creamy, easy to apply texture, the pomade is orange-red in colour and smells like play-doh! The tin is as funky as the fragrance so, if you are looking for something that little bit different, this is certainly the right pomade for you!


  • Suitable for normal to thick hair
  • Medium hold with flexibility
  • Creamy consistency
  • Play-doh fragrance
  • Added shine

Directions for Use

  • Scoop up a little pomade
  • Apply evenly throughout dry or slightly damp hair
  • Start with a little and apply more if required
  • Style as desired
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