Rumble59 Schmiere Special Edition Barbershop Strong 140ml


Strong hold with flexibility and a pleasing marzipan aroma

Ideal for shaping thicker and unruly hair, Rumble59 Schmiere Special Edition Barbershop Strong delivers firm hold that lasts all day. But this potent pomade doesn’t set hard so your locks remain wonderfully flexible. A special edition with the aroma of marzipan and a yellow hue, the pomade creates the perfect pompadour. This seriously strong styling formula is best warmed with a hairdryer before use to make application easier.

Supplied in a funky tin, the pomade was allegedly inspired by Schmiere raven Steve McScissors, an expert in autopsies who was kicked out of the FBI together with his partner in crime, Chester the Brain! This shady duo opened a barbershop where they could exploit their dexterity which they otherwise used for darker deeds!

This may or may not be true, but what you really need to know is that this German made pomade works wonders for your look!


  • Suitable for thick and unruly hair
  • Firm hold with flexibility
  • Marzipan fragrance
  • Light yellow hue
  • Added shine

Directions for Use

  • Warm using a hairdryer
  • Scoop up a little pomade
  • Start with small amounts and apply more if required
  • Apply evenly throughout your hair using your fingers
  • Style as desired
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