Sebastian Professional Dark Oil

Brand: Sebastian Professional


A styling oil with a light touch that improves condition, control and shine

Remarkable shine, smoothness and volume are at your fingertips with Sebastian Dark Oil! Like a rich gel to the touch but with the performance of a luxurious hair oil, Dark Oil nourishes, protects and builds volume whilst creating impressive shine and enhancing control.


  • Smooths and nourishes
  • Adds volume and control
  • Creates shine
  • Leaves no residue
  • Provides UV protection

Dark Oil delivers the lightest of touches and yet produces incredible results. DiffusX technology ensures that this styling oil works wonders on your hair before disappearing in seconds, leaving no trace behind except impressive results. Hair is nourished and revitalised from the inside out for extra body, control and a wonderfully silky shine. Infused with sandalwood, cedarwood, and argan oil, this product conditions with the power of nature for long lasting vibrancy and control whilst providing valuable UV protection.

Dark Oil works its magic in seconds to produce sensational looks which last for hours. Dark by name but light by nature, this is the hair care of the future that you can enjoy today.

How to Use

  • Dispense one to two pumps
  • Work into dry or damp hair
  • Massage in from the ends to the roots
  • Style your hair
  • Reapply to dry hair later if required
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