Sebastian Professional Drynamic Shampoo 75ml

Brand: Sebastian Professional


A dry shampoo that removes excess oil to boost your hair between washes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your hair could boast that just washed volume and vitality whenever you needed it to? Sometimes it feels like forever since you washed your hair. It is frustrating when you need to look your best but your hair is letting you down. Excess oils cause your hair to become lank and lifeless but that’s when Sebastian Drynamic Dry Shampoo will rescue your look!


  • Removes excess oils
  • Refreshes hair quickly
  • Increases volume and control
  • Improves texture

Available in two sizes to suit, Drynamic features a breakthrough formula which provides the recharge you need on the fly. Wherever you happen to be, Drynamic works quickly to soak up the oils that are weighing down your hair and then improves texture and control through Recharge Technology. Styling becomes easier and your hair looks and feels vibrant and completely refreshed.

With Sebastian Professional Drynamic, you will always be at your best and ready to impress!

How to Use

  • Shake can vigorously
  • Hold can approximately 30cm from your head
  • Spray into your hair
  • Tease in with your fingers
  • Comb through
  • Spray on mid-lengths and blow dry for added texture
UK delivery only
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