Sebastian Professional Eruptek 75ml

Brand: Sebastian Professional

RRP: £23.00
(You save £7.35 )

A styling paste with volcanic ash that produces extreme volume and impressive texture

Bad hair days can give you a fiery temper but before you explode in frustration, reach for Sebastian Eruptek! With this professional styling paste, it will be your hair that erupts and not your temper as you create incredible volume, texture and control.


  • Creates explosive volume
  • Detonates on contact for quick results
  • Contains Volcanic ash
  • Delivers amazing texture
  • Use on dry or damp hair
  • Suitable for all hair types

Your hair will literally explode into life with precise definition making those wild and rugged looks easy to mould and hold. Volcanic ash combines with advanced styling technology to fire your hair into the stratosphere, enabling your creativity to work its magic. Eruptex paste delivers explosive volume to any hair type making edgy styling a breeze. It detonates on impact and harnesses the natural energy in your hair to produce swift yet fearsome results every time.

You can create memorable looks with Eruptex which leave everyone else feeling volcanic with envy and wondering what your secret could be.

Directions for Use

  • Rub paste between your hands
  • Distribute evenly throughout your dry hair
  • Massage in and mould hair until the paste has dried
  • For additional volume apply a second layer
  • For even more volume, apply to damp hair and blow dry
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