Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel 150ml

Brand: Sebastian Professional

RRP: £22.60
(You save £7.61 )

A powerful, quick-setting formula for easy styling and impressive hold

Boasting a hold as strong as the average steel girder, Sebastian Liquid Steel will ensure that even the most complex styles remain in place for longer. You can be fearless with your styling as you sculpt and twist to produce your unique look.


  • Ultimate control and hold
  • Makes styling easy
  • Sets quickly
  • Use on wet or dry hair

This styler offers intense strengthening whilst taming every strand and delivering a wonderful metallic shine that will set you apart. Your creations will be kept in place all day as just one treatment with the quick-setting Liquid Steel gives you the ultimate control over your hair. Styling is easier with this outstanding formula which creates mohawks, spikes, devilocks and quiffs with a just styled look that lasts and lasts.

Liquid steel can be applied to wet hair for styling or to dry hair for additional hold. This formula should not be used in conjunction with heated styling tools and you should not blow dry your hair after application.

Create hair-raising effects quickly and easily with Liquid Steel!

Directions for Use

  • Squeeze Liquid Steel onto damp hair
  • Sculpt and twist hair into desired style
  • Apply to dry hair for added hold and control
  • Do not use this formula with heated styling tools
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