Sebastian Professional Resintek 75ml

Brand: Sebastian Professional

RRP: £24.10
(You save £8.45 )

An innovative styling aid infused with carnauba oil for outstanding texture, hold and shine

Those clever folks at Sebastian are renowned for creating products which push the boundaries of styling and Resintek is no exception.  Bringing you outstanding shine and fabulous hold, Sebastian Resintek is a significant styling innovation.


  • Infused with carnauba wax for outstanding texture and hold
  • Creates impressive shine
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for any hair type

Infused with carnauba wax, Resintek harnesses the power of nature to create a new world of styling. Carnauba is the world’s most durable wax and Sebastian have refined it to produce a liquefied sap which delivers amazing texture and glossy shine together with outstanding hold. Resintek is easy to apply and makes moulding simple. Better still, you only need a small amount to create a seriously big impact.

Use Resintek on dry hair to add definition, texture and shine whilst making styling simple. If you like to push the envelope with your hair, then you need the unique benefits of Resintek to ensure that your best ideas become show-stopping looks.

Directions for Use

  • Spread a small amount across your palms
  • Glide through your dry hair
  • Mould and shape your desired style
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