Sebastian Professional Shine Shaker 75ml

Brand: Sebastian Professional

RRP: £22.60
(You save £7.61 )

A lightweight mist for glossy shine and protection against heat damage

Protect your hair from heat damage and impart impressive shine with Sebastian Shine Shaker! This lightweight, high-gloss finishing spray would be a versatile addition to your haircare and styling regime and one that you won’t want to be without.


  • Produces mirror-like shine
  • Protects against heat damage
  • Ultra-lightweight mist

With the lightest of touches, Shine Shaker delivers a luminous, mirror-like shine. Your hair will certainly turn heads but your fabulous look won’t weigh your hair down. Use Shine Shaker on dry hair to protect it from heat damage before styling with hot tools or mist over your completed style for a glamorous, glossy shine to be proud of.

Directions for Use

  • Mist over dry hair
  • Style with heated tools
  • Mist over styled hair for glossy shine
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