Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion 200ml

Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion



A moisturising self-tanning lotion which produces a streak-free natural looking glow

You can give yourself that uplifting just-been-to-the-beach look with this fine moisturising self-tan lotion. The Sienna X Gradual Self Tan Lotion takes good care of your skin whilst creating a wonderful, streak free, natural looking glow.


  • Creates a natural looking glow
  • Streak free
  • Smooths and moisturises
  • Anti-cellulite formula
  • Paraben free
  • Gorgeous coconut aroma

With its soothing ingredients and gorgeous coconut and vanilla scent, this lotion feels simply fabulous. Aloe Vera softens the skin whilst sweet almond oil restores elasticity.  Rich coco butter moisturises beautifully and the anti-cellulite formula improves the texture of your skin. This lotion works its magic over a period of 6-8 hours to give you a wonderful, natural looking glow and a huge dose of the feel good factor.

The lotion smooths and moisturises whilst delivering a flawless tan with its paraben free formula. For a deeper tan, reapply the lotion until you have achieved your desired look.

Directions for Use

  • Cleanse and exfoliate your skin
  • Apply lotion evenly
  • Leave for 6-8 hours to develop
  • Use 2-3 times a week
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