Skin Doctors Exfoliating Crystals 100ml

Brand: Skin Doctors

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Slough and scrub for a clearer complexion

The Skin Doctors Exfoliating Crystals is a powerful formulation that sloughs away dead skin cells and reveals a brighter more youthful complexion.

Containing Microencapsulated beads that exfoliate without causing any damage to the skin surface and Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil, also known as Australian Tea Tree Oil with its well documented and proven antibacterial properties, spots and blemishes are targeted. The crystals work deep into the skin’s layers removing all signs of dirt, debris and make up and helping to regulate oil and sebum production.

After exfoliation, your complexion looks clearer and refreshed with increased texture and tone. Dead and redundant skin cells are scrubbed away, meaning that a more youthful vibrancy surfaces.


  • Sloughs and scrubs away dead skin cells to reveal a clearer and brighter complexion
  • Contains Australian Tea Tree Oil to regulate oil production
  • Pores are cleansed leading to no sebum build-up and a reduction in spots and blemishes
  • Your skin looks clearer brighter and more vibrant

Directions for Use

  • Cleanse the face thoroughly and pat dry
  • Dot the Exfoliating Crystals on the parts of the face or body to be treated
  • Massage the crystals into the treatment areas for up to 5 minutes per area
  • Dust the crystals off the treatment area with a dry towel or flannel cloth
  • Rinse the area thoroughly and pat dry
  • Use 1 – 2 times a week for best results
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