Skin Doctors Younger Hands 75ml

Brand: Skin Doctors

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Restore beauty to the hard-working hand area

Skin Doctors Younger Hands is an effective formulation that works hard to restore smoothness and vitality to the much-used hand area. Helping to make the hands look at least 10 years younger, this is the perfect solution to reversing the signs of ageing to an area that make up can’t disguise.

The potent cream contains four clinically proven actives that show highly noticeable improvement to the hands within six weeks. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish, the skin is smoother and firmer, age spots and veins are less noticeable, plump skin means bones protrude less, roughness is gone with smoothness returned and skin tone is more even.

At last you feel proud to put your hands back on show, knowing that they will never give away your true age.


  • Hands look 10 years younger within 28 days
  • Skin has a more even tone and a smoother texture
  • Contains four clinically proven actives

Directions for Use

Apply to the back of the hand, morning and night and as required throughout the day.

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