Ivory Caps 60 Capsules

Ivory Caps 60 Capsules


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Ivory Caps is an enhanced skin whitening supplement utilizing a high potency proprietary "Skin Essentials" Glutathione Complex for results.
Ivory Caps Benefits May Include:
1. Preventing the oxidation (darkening) of existing skin melanin
2. Precipitates the shedding / removal of melanin laden skin cells
3. Regulation / Reduction of pigment productio
People all over the world are talking about remarkable results using Ivory Caps.  But the question that many ask is what makes Ivory Caps so special.  The answer is quite simple, yet profound.  Ivory Caps uses highly concentrated 100% natural ingredients to acheive amazing results "from the inside out." Ivory Caps does not use harmful drugs or bleaches.  Every ingredient in Ivory Caps has been selected for its effectiveness and health benefits.  In addition to acheiving skin tone results, many have reported healthier, softer and clearer skin.  This is consistent with Ivory Caps goals of helping people "look and feel their very best."