SkinCeuticals Correct Face Cream 50ml

SkinCeuticals Face Cream 50ml

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SkinCeuticals Face Cream targets collagen breakdown and moisture loss while moisturising the skin.  It provides powerful firming and replenishes moisture, while combating the signs of ageing such as; moisture loss, collagen breakdown and free radical damage.


Benefits of SkinCeuticals Face Cream:

  • A powerful treatment that targets collagen breakdown and moisture loss
  • Helps corrects age-related damage
  • Stimulates collagen and hyaluronate production to firm skin
  • Supports replacement of lipids in dry skin
  • Ideal for Dry / Mature skin types

How to use:

  • Once or twice daily, apply to the entire face, neck and chest.
  • Recommended for mature skin types.
  • Use after a SkinCeuticals antioxidant.
  • Follow with a SkinCeuticals sunscreen in the morning.
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