Slendertone ArmS+7 Female Accessory

Slendertone ArmS+7 Female Accessory

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Tone the muscles and firm the arms

89% of users reported more defined arms in 6 weeks. Patented and exclusive technology to provide a full triceps workout.

The Slendertone Arms+7 is clinically proven to shape and firm the arms in just 6 weeks. EMS technology has been used for over 50 years in sports and medical environments to strengthen and rehabilitate muscles. Slendertone Arms+7 uses patented technology able to target and exercise the muscles at the back of your arms: the triceps.


  • 3 programmes
  • 99 intensity
  • 2 year guarantee

Independent clinical study* has proven after 6 weeks use:

  • 89% of users reported their arms were more defined
  • 72% reported that their arm's muscles were firmer

Controller not included.

*Clinical study conducted by Platinum Research, Galway, Ireland, 2007.

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