Slendertone Male Replacement Arms Toning Pads

Slendertone Male Replacement Arms Toning Pads



Hydrogel pads effective for up to 30 toning sessions

The medical grade gel pads are the basis of the Slendertone arm muscle training system so you won’t want to be without them! Designed to target the biceps and triceps, the pads deliver optimal toning. The Slendertone Male Replacement Arms Toning Pads ensure that you enjoy uninterrupted conditioning. They feature medical grade “hydrogel” which acts as a conductor between your muscles and your training device whilst minimising irritation.

When you are no longer experiencing the usual intensity of workout and the level of stimulation appears diminished, it is time to replace your pads! You should also invest in replacements if the surface of your pads becomes uneven or torn as this will mean that the pulses will not be distributed evenly. Your pads should last for 20-30 sessions.


  • Efficient toning for up to 30 sessions
  • Designed for Slendertone Arms for Men garment
  • Hydrogel for effective toning without irritation
  • Latex-free design

Directions for Use

  • Clean your skin before using the pads
  • Always replace the protective covers after use
  • Replace pads after 20-30 sessions
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