Spongelle Boxed Duo - Bulgarian Rose

Brand: Spongellé

RRP: £21.00
(You save £5.01 )

Bulgarian Rose Duet by Spongelle 

Included in this boxed duo, is two luxurious body wash infused buffers with a Bulgarian Rose fragrance. 

Formulated with extracts of Yuzu, Edelweiss and Vetiver, it is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and boost circulation for the ultimate all in one beauty treatment. 

Dermatologist tested


  • 30+ washes
  • Bulgarian rose fragrance 
  • Enriched with the finest skincare ingredients 
  • Great for travel

How to Use

  • Place sponge under warm water 
  • Squeeze to absorb 
  • Massage gently in ciruclar motions to cleanse skin 
  • Squeeze out excess water after each use
No Nasties:
Alcohol Free
No Nasties:
Paraben Free
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