Spongelle Travel Buffer Coconut 43g

Brand: Spongellé

RRP: £11.00
(You save £2.01 )

Cleansing, toning and exfoliating buffer, perfect for life on the go

If you have discovered the benefits of Spongelle’s buffers, you shouldn’t miss the Spongelle Travel Buffer Coconut. Perfect for your hols or for use at the gym, it enables you to enjoy the luxury of those wonderful cleansing, toning, massaging and exfoliating effects wherever you happen to be.

Infused with rosehip, green tea, and beautiful essential oils, it leaves your skin feeling revitalised and you will love the exotic aroma of coconut which really lingers. Convenient and yet incredibly luxurious, this buffer will last for five washes or more and can travel with you everywhere to ensure that you can always pamper yourself but without taking up too much valuable space in your bag.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Delivers 5+ washes
  • Perfect for travelling or the gym
  • Cleanses and exfoliates
  • Massages and tones
  • Enriched with essential oils
  • Coconut fragrance

How to Use

  • Use buffer in the shower or while bathing
  • Thoroughly soak the sponge
  • Massage in circular motions over your body
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