StriVectin NIA Fake Awake Triple-Action Eye Gel 15ml


An instant smoothing and brightening gel for a lifted look in the eye area

Late nights, squinting at your phone, even pulling at lids while applying makeup, leave eyes looking anything but rested.

This triple-action gel is a power nap for tired eyes, instantly brightening, smoothing and de-puffing. Light-reflecting optics visibly diminish dark circles, while a blend of skin optimizing NIA-114™ + lifting agents help reduce the look of fine lines.

Formulated to absorb in a flash, with a ceramic tip applicator to cool on contact, so you can fake awake and get on with your life.

Lifting & Smoothing Agents: Film-former lifts and smoothes skin surface to help reduce the look of fine lines
Hyaluronic Acid: Hydrates and smoothes skin surface to help improve the overall appearance of eye area skin including crow’s feet and fine lines
Soft Focus Powders: Instantly brighten under-eye circles


  • Light-reflecting optics diminish tell-tale dark circles
  • Pearlescent formula absorbs in a flash
  • Ceramic tip applicator cools and soothes on contact for extra sensory perfection
  • Instantly brightens, smooths and de-puffs the eye area

How to Use

  • Apply to eye area around orbital bone AM + PM
  • Gently squeeze tube to release gel and glide ceramic tip applicator to apply
  • Pat in excess gel with ring finger until absorbed
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