Talika Nail Regenerator Serum 1.8ml

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A complete treatment for the nail, matrix and cuticles, Nail Regenerator Serum's unique formula is composed of natural ingredients.

multiple wear and tear such as use of cleaning products, nail polish and acrylic nails, age and slow down nail growth by altering its structure.

Nail Regenerator Serum nourishes, hydrates and restructures fragile and lifeless nails, stimulates the growth of dry, brittle, split and uneven nails, softens cuticles and heals damaged matrix.

made with three 100% natural plant oils.

Directions :
practical and easy to carry, Nail Regenerator Serum comes in the form of a pen with a foam tip for easy application to massage into the nail and cuticle.

apply the Nail Regenerator Serum on to the base (root) of the nails and gently massage each nail and contour up to the first phalange to release the active ingredients.

Length of treatment :
treat your nails daily for a period of 28-days, then apply twice a week for optimal results.

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