Talika Slim Serum 100ml

Talika Slim Serum 100ml

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Reduce the look of cellulite whilst toning and firming

Talika Slim Serum is a potent formulation that targets cellulite and trims the silhouette using the power of nature. Utilising the energy of natural daylight as well as artificial light from indoors to increase its effectiveness, this is a product that is results driven so there is no feeling of disappointment.

The serum contains Horse Chestnut for toning, Light-activated Photo-Beauty Enzyme that repairs UV damage so the skin can restore itself naturally and Duo of Proline and Lauric Acid along with Phytosonic that helps to release fat stores and converted to cellular energy.

The result is a silhouette that looks slimmer with that tell-tale orange peel cellulite look lessened. Toning, smoothing and firming, you feel more confident about your look, leaving others to guess your beauty secret.


  • Targeted formulation using the power of nature
  • Daylight and artificial light increase the effectiveness
  • Slims the silhouette
  • Lessens the appearance of cellulite
  • Quick drying

Directions for Use

  • Apply to the body in a sweeping figure of 8 motion
  • Use morning & night as a one-month treatment and repeat periodically for enhanced effectiveness
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