Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Round Tool - Small

Brand: Tangle Teezer

RRP: £18.00
(You save £3.35 )

A blow drying hair brush that minimises tugging and pulling

This small blow-styling brush is perfect for short to medium hair. Its small design picks up hair right at the root and adds great lift. If you’re looking to add volume when you dry your hair, the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Round Tool is for you.

There is no need to roll or wrap the hair around the brush as the design and tooth configuration takes care of that for you.  It also helps to remove excess water quickly, making for faster drying. The result is great bounce, smoothness and shine, with plenty of volume and lift.


  • Innovative teeth technology removes water from the hair for a quicker drying time
  • Picks up hair at the root to add lift and volume
  • Perfect for short to medium hair length
  • Minimises the need for straighteners or tongs
  • Takes hair from wet to dry faster
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