Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Princess Pink

Tangle Teezer Flowerpot (Various Colours)

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Is detangling your little one’s hair a bath time nightmare?

Buy them a Tangle Teezer Magic Flowerpot Detangling Hairbrush and put the fun back into brushing their baby locks. Tangle Teezer’s very appealing Magic Flowerpot will delight your child with its bright colours and fun feel. Plus it is designed to take away the tantrums that knotted hair can bring on!


  • Gently de-tangles your child’s hair using two tiers of teeth to unknot and smooth
  • Bright colours and attractive design make it perfect for your little princess
  • Includes cute pot to store clips and bobbles
  • Easy to use for little hands
  • Takes a bath time hair night mares away and makes it fun instead
  • Comes with colouring cards and an illustrated story

There are two tiers of teeth in this innovative design - long teeth to gently unknot and detangle, and short teeth too smooth and add gloss. So, no tugging and tears. Instead brushing your child’s hair at bath time becomes fun.

The top of the flower has a space to put a personalized photograph in, so you can make it your child’s very own hairbrush. The flower is easy to hold, so your child can brush their own hair if they wish to. It sits in a neat little pot, which is perfect to keep clips and bobbles in.

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