TIGI Bed Head for Men Dense Up Style Building Shampoo 250ml

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £10.50
(You save £3.91 )

Removes product build-up and volumizes fine hair

Your styling routine begins when you shower with the outstanding TIGI Bed Head for Men Dense Up Style Building Shampoo! The advanced formula removes all of that product build-up which starts to weigh your hair down but that’s not all! You will enjoy enhanced texture and lift to give your hair a fuller look and your locks are brought under control with frizz banished to make styling easier. Your hair will appear thicker, fuller and healthier after every wash. How many shampoos offer so many benefits for your fine hair?


  • Perfect for fine hair
  • Removes product build-up
  • Enhances lift and control
  • Delivers a fuller look

How to Use

  • Apply to wet hair
  • Create a lather
  • Massage into your hair and scalp
  • Rinse well

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