TIGI Bed Head for Men Mo Rider Moustache Crafter 28g

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £9.95
(You save £4.96 )

A non-greasy crafting wax for sculpting your moustache

It’s time to twist and shape! You can manage your ‘tache and create beautifully groomed looks with TIGI Bed Head for Men Mo Rider™ Moustache Crafter.


  • Nourishes facial hair
  • Enables effortless sculpting of your moustache
  • Medium to strong hold
  • No sticky residue

Infused with gorgeous coconut oil and sunflower seed oil this impressive crafting wax nourishes your facial hair and imbues a subtle fragrance. Beeswax enables you to shape and sculpt with ease so you can wear your moustache your way. Delivering firm to medium hold, Mo Rider™ Moustache Crafter ensures that your mo’ stays in shape all day and that you will enjoy a dapper finish with no sticky residue.

Directions for Use

  • Scrape up a small amount of Mo Rider™ using the back of your thumb
  • Work the wax between your fingers
  • Twist and shape your moustache with your fingers
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