TIGI Bed Head for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste 83g

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £11.50
(You save £5.51 )

Add some texture to your style

Transform your bedhead into a work of art that every man will be envious of and every woman will desire, with the TIGI Bed Head for Men Pure Texture Paste. This paste is the best way to perfect your contemporary street style hairdo.

When you apply this luxurious paste to your slightly damp hair, it will result in even more texture, something everyone who is on trend will desire. If you seek hair that does not bend to the whim of humidity and frizz, this 83g tub of luxurious paste will help you style your hair. Every flawless style starts with some experimentation, so start trying out new styles today.

Pure Texture provides you with a magnificent hold, and unlike alternative products does not leave your hair looking too stiff and shiny. The tub also makes it easy for you to carry around with you for those style emergencies.


  • Gain a contemporary street style
  • Adds more texture to your hair
  • Works well with other products
  • Adds definition
  • Fights against humidity and frizz
  • Natural softener
  • Source of vitamin E
  • Antioxidant – defends against free radicals

How to Use

  • For a firm hold, work through wet hair
  • For a medium hold, work through dry hair – results in a matte finish
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