TIGI Bed Head Full Of It Volume Finishing Spray 371ml

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £14.80
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Turn up the volume

Going out or staying in, regardless of the occasion, we all love to style our hair in a way that suits our own individual personalities. Our hair can add to an outfit, or be the whole style. This bottle of TIGI Bed Head Full of it Volume Finishing Spray takes the style you have put your hair into and makes sure it is held in place so that everyone can enjoy it throughout the day.

This is the perfect bottle to have on hand when you need to make those baby hairs stay in place, or when you need a complicated hairstyle to stay in place for the evening. So if you are attending a big event, where you need to feel confident and photo ready, this bottle of finishing spray is a must have for all.


  • Add some volume
  • Eliminates the rock hard feel given by normal hairspray
  • Introduces a firm yet flexible hold
  • Perfect for on-trend styles
  • Be bold, be fierce and keep your style intact 

How to Use

Easy to use. Simply hold the bottle 10-12 inches away and spray. Then bask in the glory of your luxurious style.

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