TIGI Bed Head Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray 200ml

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £13.50
(You save £6.81 )

Keep your style in place without frizz or flyaway

TIGI Bed Head Get Twisted Anti-Frizz Finishing Spray is a hard-working product that is determined that your curls and waves stay put after the hard work of styling.

Containing Flexi-Setting Polymers, your look is fixed yet still has bounce and vibrancy without additional weight or solidity. Quick Dry Technology means you’re good to go in seconds with the confidence of knowing your style won’t budge and anti-frizz agents help to eliminate unsightly frizz and flyaway.

The results is hair that does what you want it to do and gives you the freedom to style as you choose, knowing that results will last day and night. With no stickiness and look that exudes health, having great looking curls and waves is easily within your reach.


  • Waves and curls stay put without stickiness or clumping
  • Your style stays in place to night
  • Combats frizz and fly away
  • Hair is vibrant and full of bounce without any look of weight

Directions for Use

Spray into wet or dry hair then style as preferred.

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