TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get Texturizing Paste 42g

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £18.75
(You save £10.26 )

Get a hold of your style

That hard to get style has never been so easy. This little blue ball of wonder might look mysterious, but it contains 42g of paste that can help you style your hair and redefine your image. The TIGI Bed Head Hard To Get Texturizing Paste is the perfect product for short to medium hair lengths and gives you the ability to mould your hair into whichever style you desire.

Create a breath-taking look with the Hard To Get Texturizing Paste and see what styles you can create, and blow your friends away with your new, confident style.


  • Moisturises your locks
  • Improves oily hair
  • Creates thickness, texture, and separation
  • Gives your hair a softer appearance
  • Watermelon fragrance
  • Support factor: 3
  • Texture Factor: 5
  • Adds volume

How to Use

  • Rub paste between fingers
  • Distribute into hair
  • Style as desired

Top tip: Always start with a small amount and work up from there, otherwise, you might end up with a greasy look. It is best to add more as you go, rather than having to redo your whole style.

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