TIGI Bed Head Manipulator 57g

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £14.50
(You save £7.91 )

Manipulate those locks

Hair is such a unique way to express your own personality. You can spike, twist or just let it naturally hang around your face. This 57g tub of TIGI Bed Head Manipulator, allows you to manipulate your hair into any shape or style you want.

Use it after a nice relaxing shower, or just before you go out and shock your friends with a whacky yet wonderful new hairdo. Not only can you re-design your hair into a work of art, but this tub of blue magic gives you more body and texture than ever before.

So if you want to rock out with a full body hairstyle, with enough texture to make the finest hairdresser jealous, this 57g tub will do the job.


  • Adds texture
  • Conditions your hair
  • Moisturises your hair
  • Thickens your hair
  • Creates a lovely silky feel
  • Support factor: 3
  • Texture factor: 5
  • Suitable for any hair type and length

How to Use

  • Make sure hair is clean
  • Suitable to use on wet or dry hair
  • The more of the solution you use, the greater the texture you will get
  • When you use it on wet hair, either blow dry it afterwards or let it dry naturally
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