TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Shampoo 750ml

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Soft sheen style for brunettes

If you seek a product that helps to eliminate dirt and impurities, all whilst cleansing your hair then look no further than this 750ml bottle of colour enhancing TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Shampoo. This brunette shampoo helps you in your quest to achieve glossy warm tones in your hair, as well as providing you with a healthier colour overall.

This brunette shampoo has been specially designed for any bold brunette who wants to intensify their natural locks. Alongside intensifying richness and depth to create intense glossy warm tones, this shampoo also helps to improve the overall smoothness of your hair.

If you desire a product that enhances your colour, has a stunning fragrance from the horse chestnut extract and has the ability to create an impeccable shine then this bottle of TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Shampoo is exactly what you need on hand.


  • Improves richness and depth
  • Intense glossy warm tones
  • Intensifies overall smoothness of hair
  • Creates a glossy and healthier appearance
  • Delivers a conditioning benefit across fibres
  • Gives your hair an impeccable shine
  • Perfect size to share

How to Use

  • Apply to clean, wet hair
  • Leave for approximately 3-10 minutes
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly
  • Ideally, use TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Brunette Conditioner after for the most ultimate shine
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