TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Mask 200g

Brand: TIGI

RRP: £16.95
(You save £8.96 )

Repair your hair at home

There are so many reasons as to why your hair would be dry. Maybe the weather plays a part, or it has to do with a change in your hormones, even brushing your hair when it is wet can cause your ends to become brittle. Luckily for you, TIGI Catwalk Oatmeal & Honey Mask 200g helps to repair and even strengthen your hair.

The formula within this mask will help to repair your hair, which means that your hair will become shiny and healthy again. The ingredients in this mask help to repair any damage done to your hair, all whilst leaving it looking hydrated and full of moisture.


  • Formulated with Vitamin E
  • Fibre-penetrating ingredients
  • Assists in nourishing your hair
  • Leaves your hair feeling soft
  • Texture feels smooth and silky
  • Relaxing aroma
  • Perfect for dry and damaged hair
  • Helps to strengthen and repair your hair
  • Luxurious and rich
  • Hydrates your hair

How to Use

  • Make sure hair is wet
  • Massage through hair
  • Leave for approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Ideally, use 1-2 times per week or as often as you believe is needed
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