TIGI Catwalk Transforming Dry Shampoo 250ml

TIGI Catwalk Transforming Dry Shampoo 250ml

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Refreshing and reviving for an instant hair boost

Give tired and dull hair an instant boost of revitalisation and visible energy with the TIGI Catwalk Transforming Dry Shampoo.

Formulated to absorb any excess grease or oil whilst eliminating any unwanted odour, this high-quality spray both cleans and refreshes, enabling to keep your hair looking its best longer and your style on point. With the ability to also add volume and texture, you can instantly revive your look, increasing hair confidence and minimising the need for daily hair washing.

Containing rose and sandalwood, your hair is treated to a fresh and floral scent as well as feeling soft and manageable once more. With no tell-tale residue, no one will ever guess the secret of how you keep your hair looking so fabulous with such little effort.


  • Gives hair an instant boost in between washes
  • Absorbs Greece and eliminates unwanted odour
  • No tell-tale residue
  • Increases volume and texture

Directions for Use

  • Shake the can well
  • Spray over the hair, concentrating on areas that most need a boost

Please note: This product can only be shipped within the UK.

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