TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo 300ml

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Elevating shampoo for fine, lifeless hair

Who does not love a good shower or bath, getting in and washing away the struggles of the day or even using it to wake up properly in the morning, the only thing that could possibly make bathing better is the right shampoo.

This bottle of TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Elevating Shampoo is the added ingredient that will make washing your hair so much more relaxing, making your hair appear healthier and feel softer.

Use this 300ml bottle if you desire to cleanse your hair of all its impurities as well as create beautiful volume and movement. This sulphate free formula contains a combination of lavender, jasmine wisteria and even violet, so you can imagine the delicious fragrance it emits the moment you open the bottle.


  • Cleanses hair
  • Removes impurities from your hair
  • Creates beautiful volume
  • Infused with Lavender, Jasmine, Wisteria and Violet
  • Lightweight finish
  • Calming aroma
  • Nourishing
  • Sulphate free

How to Use

  • Make sure your hair is wet
  • Work shampoo through hair and massage into your scalp
  • Rinse thoroughly after use
No Nasties:
Sulphate Free
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