TIGI S Factor Flat Iron Spray Heat Defender 125ml


RRP: £17.45
(You save £9.46 )

Protective spray for use with heated tools which imparts amazing shimmer

Do your lacklustre locks let you down? Would your look be lifted by a gorgeous shimmering shine? TIGI S Factor Flat Iron Spray Heat Defender protects your hair from heat damage whilst imparting the shimmer that will transform your style.

Flat Iron Shine Spray boasts an advanced formula with UV filters that protects your locks from the damage caused by heated tools. Your hair will be suitably nourished and this non-greasy misting spray is enriched with vitamins A and E to fortify every strand. Your hair will be enhanced with a fabulous shine for a more radiant and vibrant look that enables you to step out in confidence.

Use this protective spray on wet or dry hair for a healthier look and added shine.


  • Protects from heat damage
  • Fortifies your hair
  • Imbues amazing shimmer
  • For use on wet or dry hair

Directions for Use

  • Apply to wet or dry hair
  • Mist over your lengths before using heated tools
  • Dry your hair or use flat irons to straighten
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