Transformulas Marine Miracle Night Repair Serum 15ml

Transformulas Marine Miracle Night Repair Serum 15ml



A powerful serum which rejuvenates your skin as you sleep

Scientifically formulated to repair your skin as you sleep, this age defying serum is truly a miracle! Your skin is able to recover from the stresses of the day and the effects of the elements whilst being hydrated, firmed and strengthened to give you a more youthful appearance.

Transformulas Marine Miracle Night Serum is infused with marine ingredients which work together to breathe new life into your complexion. This highly effective formula is simply packed with nourishment for your skin and produces magical results without the need for surgery.

Active Ingredients

Microencapsulated oxygen replenishes tired skin cells and increase cell metabolism. Atelocollagen tightens your skin and strengthens its structure with rejuvenating fibres. Hyaluronic Acid enhances hydration whilst Saccharide Isomerate helps to restore valuable moisture to mid-life skin. The high lipid content of oxygenated almond oil prevents dehydration.

This serum is also enriched with Sodium Ascrobyl Phosphate Na which is a potent antioxidant that works to increase collagen synthesis. Tocopheryl Acetate, is a source of vitamin E which is a natural anti-inflammatory.  This compound further enhances skin health by boosting microcirculation, strengthening hydro lipoids and helping to protect cell membranes in order to maintain healthy red blood cells.


The Marine Miracle Night Repair Serum instantly forms a protective barrier over your skin. Your complexion receives an immediate hydrating boost for a revitalised look. Continued use of the serum promotes your skin’s natural powers of renewal to create greater resilience against the aging process. In the longer term, your skin structure is fortified to create a radiant and youthful complexion.


  • Rejuvenates tired skin
  • Tightens and hydrates your skin
  • Boosts your skin’s strength and defences
  • Defends against the aging process
  • Delivers a more youthful complexion

Directions for Use

  • Use before sleeping
  • Apply a small amount to cleansed skin before using other treatments
  • Gently pat and then smooth in the cream until it is fully absorbed
  • For the best results use for 30 days or more
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