Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold 90g

Brand: Uppercut Deluxe

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Delivers light hold with a matte finish

The lightest product in the amazing Uppercut range, Uppercut Deluxe Easy Hold is formulated to deliver a natural look and hassle-free styling. You can shape your locks to create added texture and volume and your finished look will feature light hold and a natural-looking matte finish.

Ideal for creating loose, textured styles, Easy Hold is suitable for all lengths and types of hair. It leaves no unpleasant residue and boasts a subtle woody tobacco scent.  This is a water-based product which washes away with ease at the end of the day or when it is time to rework your style.


  • Ideal for any length and type of hair
  • Creates texture and volume
  • Light hold
  • Matte finish
  • Water based

Directions for Use

  • Apply to washed and dried hair
  • Work a small amount of product into your dry palms
  • Apply a little product to the fringe area with your fingertips
  • Starting at the back of your head, apply evenly throughout your hair
  • Style as required
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