Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Shampoo 240ml

Brand: Uppercut Deluxe

RRP: £12.00
(You save £4.01 )

Refreshing and hydrating shampoo with a subtle, masculine fragrance

Fresh, luxurious and suitable for daily use, the impressive Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Shampoo delivers beautifully clean hair which is ready to style.

Infused with liquorice and menthol, the shampoo boasts an uplifting and subtly masculine fragrance. Formulated to feature a light lather, the shampoo cleanses whilst invigorating your hair and scalp to leave you feeling revitalised. Best used in conjunction with the Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Conditioner, the shampoo, ensures hassle free styling and hydrates your locks for a healthy and full-bodied look.

This simple yet exciting shampoo offers something that little bit different to liven up your daily routine.


  • Refreshing and hydrating
  • Infused with liquorice and menthol
  • Gentle cleansing action
  • Subtle masculine fragrance
  • Suitable for everyday use

Directions for Use

  • Apply to wet hair and lather in
  • Rinse well
  • Repeat if required
  • Follow with Uppercut Deluxe Everyday Conditioner
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