Uppercut Deluxe Shaving Cream 100ml

Brand: Uppercut Deluxe

RRP: £10.00
(You save £3.01 )

Rich, refreshing and non-greasy shaving cream for a smooth finish

Rich and soothing, the Uppercut Deluxe Shaving Cream delivers a great shave! The non-greasy formula produces impressive lather to help your razor glide over your skin. Enriched with eucalyptus oil and coconut oil, the cream feels refreshing and aids blemish control for a fabulous finish. It is only lightly scented so you will feel fresh after shaving and can complete your daily routine with a spritz of your preferred fragrance.

Designed to deliver hassle free grooming, this impressive shaving cream is the perfect partner for the Uppercut Deluxe Aftershave Moisturiser.  Razor burns will be a thing of the past and your skin will never have felt so good!


  • Non-greasy formula
  • Rich lather
  • Infused with eucalyptus and coconut oils
  • Aids blemish control
  • Lightly fragranced

Directions for Use

  • Apply a moderate amount to damp skin
  • Massage in until a rich lather forms
  • Alternatively, use a shaving brush for more impressive lather
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