Uppercut Deluxe Soap 100g

Brand: Uppercut Deluxe


Unscented, exfoliating and moisturising soap

Simple and yet highly effective, the amazing Uppercut Deluxe Soap is the perfect all-rounder. Unscented, the soap provides an effective cleanser, particularly if you happen to dislike flowery fragrances!

Ideal for sensitive, dry or itchy skin, the soap is created from naturally moisturising goats milk and exfoliating oatmeal. It gently removes dirt, impurities and dead skin cells whilst keeping your skin suitably hydrated. Whilst most soaps will cause dryness, this one has the opposite effect! The bar looks fabulously funky and combines traditional ingredients with a decidedly contemporary feel. If you had given up on soap, it might be time to think again!


  • Perfect for sensitive and problem skin
  • Moisturising and exfoliating
  • Gentle cleansing action
  • Unscented

Directions for Use

  • Apply to damp or wet skin
  • Use circular motions
  • Rinse
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